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HCMC Marathon Background

Half Marathon


Half marathon is a distance that seems nearly-but-not-quite-impossible! Running a half marathon will change your live for the better, both physically & mentally.

Registration Fee

How to register?

Register & Pay online: Here 

Register & Pay cash at convenience stores in Vietnam. Visit here for details.

Group registration

If you have more than 15 members and want to register as a group, please visit this page: Group/Company Registration

Rules & Regulations

  • Minimum age of a participant is 16 years old, on race day, to enter the Half Marathon (21km). Any participant discovered to be under the required age by registered distance will be disqualified. Any parent or legal guardian who enters a person under the required ages and participates in the race will be disqualified and banned from the race for a period of up to 2 years.
  • Participants are obliged to read and fully comply with all the rules, regulations, and terms after submitting registrations for HCMC Marathon 2020.
  • While the event organizer has the duty to ensure safety and provide first-aids and any emergency services to participants, you are responsible for making assessment of risks to the health and safety of yourself and to act upon risks once identify. The organizer recommend you to carefully prepare with proper training before entering the race.
  • All participants must provide their emergency contacts and the information has to be rightly accurate. The emergency contacts needs to be written behind the BIB number once you receive your BIB.
  • Without exception, all participants must agree to and sign the event waiver included in the registration e-form by clicking in the box “Agree”.
  • Race entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable under all circumstances.

Please check more details here

If some of the above topics need more clarification, in some special circumstances, please inform the organizer by email to: info@pulse.vn. The organizer will hold the final decision.



Participants can change distance up until 11:59 pm Monday, 4th November 2019 – UTC+07:00 (or if sold out). If you wish to change the distance, kindly email to registration@pulse.vn, provide the following information
– Your registered name and email
– Your registration ID
– Your registered distance
– Indicate what changes you would like to have (upgrade/downgrade)

If you change to the distance whose fee is higher than the registered distance, you are required to pay the difference in entry fees of when you registered and the current fee at the point of upgrade.

If you change to the distance whose fee is lower than the registered distance, there is no refund of the difference in entry fees.

An administration fee of 100,000 VND must be paid upon any changes.

Participants can transfer your entries up until 11:59 pm Monday, 4th November 2019 – UTC+07:00 (or if sold out). If you wish to change the distance, kindly email to registration@pulse.vn, provide the following information:

Registered participant’s information
– Your registered email
– Your registration ID
– Your registered distance

New participant’s information
– DOB, gender, nationality, and email address
– Emergency contact
– T-shirt size

An administration fee of 300,000 VND must be paid.

What's in in your race kit?

For the half-marathon distance, you will be eligible to receive all of the items below:

  • Before the race (on race kit pick up day): BIB, chip tag, other merchandises
  • After the race: Finisher T-shirt, Medal, E-certificate

All participants must show their personal documents (ID/Passport) when picking up their race kit for proper verification. Race numbers can only be picked up at the designated location of the RACE KIT PICK-UP. Information on location & time will be provided to participants at least 1 week before race day. No special arrangements will be made.

Race kit pickup


Location: C13, Tan Trao street, Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC

Date: January 4, 2020 – 9AM to 8PM


1. Your confirmation email/slip (Digital version is accepted)
2. Your personal document (ID/Birth Certificate/Passport/Resident card…)

**For race kit pick up on behalf, you will need to bring 3 items:

  1. Participant’s confirmation email and
  2. Participant’s personal documents (ID/Birth Certificate/Passport/Resident card…).
  3. Your personal document. (ID/Birth Certificate/Passport/Resident card…)

Start & Cut Off Time

Start time of the half marathon distance 21KM is 4:30AM

Cut off time for 21KM distance is 8:30AM

Your time will be measured with a timing chip attached to the bib number.

Please note that, due to a strict time frame and the road has to be re-opened for public traffic, if you are not able to complete the 21KM distance within a time of 4:00 hours net, you will be taken off the course and brought to the finish area by bus.

Course Map


  1. Will there be bag drop?
    Bag Drop will be priority for Marathon & Half Marathon. Please note that we have limit number of check-in bag.
  2. If I can’t make it to the race, can I still get my race kit? Will the organizer post my race kit to my address?
    Your race kit will only be collected in required date & time. If you can’t make it to the race, we will suggest to have your friends/families to help you to pick up.
  3. Still have more questions?
    Visit this FAQ page